Mock Trial Team

“The number of Black lawyers in the United States is at a standstill at a time when issues of justice, race, political and socioeconomic inequalities are at a boiling point…Lawyers can play powerful roles in so many critical sectors of society…Yet now we have a situation where young Blacks even mildly interested in the legal profession do not see themselves in those positions of leadership; in elected office; or in the boardroom and courtroom.”

"Opinion: Given law’s importance, America needs more Black lawyers"

Dillard University Academics Mock Trial

A Winning Tradition

At Dillard, Mock Trial is more than a competition. It is an opportunity to affect change–real change. Founded in 2016, Dillard Mock Trial has quickly proven itself to be a force in the college mock trial universe. Only two years after its founding, Dillard Mock Trial reached the opening round of the national competition. The first time the team reached the Opening Round Championship Series was 2018.

What is Mock Trial?

Mock Trial is a competition that simulates an actual courtroom trial. The American Mock Trial Association, of which Dillard is a member, presents a fictional case for the year of competition, and that case alternates between a civil and a criminal case. Six members of the trial compete at any given, and those members are split into three attorneys and three witnesses. These six compete against six other competitors from a different university. Teams must prepare both sides of the case (prosecution/plaintiff and defense) for every competition, and any given competitor can have two roles, one for each side of the case. 

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