Dillard University VisionQuest

VisionQuest – Who Are We?

VisionQuest, the Program for vocation at Dillard University that exists in order to help you find your purpose in life. We are here to help individuals discern their calling in life, begin to identify it and claim it.

VisionQuest – Gospel Choir

From the beginning, the Gospel Choir under VisionQuest has provided a singing ministry that works with the Lawless Chapel Ministry of Dillard University. They have ministered for on-campus and non-chapel related events as well as off-campus ministry endeavors. The Gospel Choir has also been featured at the famous New Orleans JazzFest in 2009 and 2016. They will perform this year as well during the first weekend in May. One of the primary functions of the Gospel Choir is to foster leadership and spiritual development with its members. One of the overall goals of the VisionQuest ministry is to lean toward a holistic synergy of the growth and development of its members. We expect this growth and development in their spiritual walk and their student life here at Dillard. This also includes being the best ministers in song and praise while participating in worship service in Lawless Chapel on Sunday evenings.

VisionQuest – Liturgical Dancers and Mime Ministry

The VisionQuest Liturgical Dancers and Mime ministry is a slightly later addition to the VisionQuest family after the Gospel Choir. The goal of liturgical dancers and mimes is to help facilitate students into becoming leaders both here on campus and beyond our gates. It is the hope of VisionQuest that student members will be lead on journey that expands their mind and spirit toward bettering themselves and the community at large.

Other Opportunities for Ministry

  • Usher Ministry
  • Sound Technicians
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • VisionQuest Student Leadership Team