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Dillard University to Participate in 2024 Presidential Forum

Dillard University is proud to announce its participation in the Brown University Leadership Alliance 2024 Presidential Forum: Celebrating 1000 Doctoral Scholars, scheduled for April 19th. This event marks a significant moment of collaboration and dialogue within the academic community, bringing together esteemed thought leaders from diverse higher education institutions. The forum will focus on the dynamic landscape of academic diversity and cultural enrichment.

At the heart of this event is a pivotal panel discussion led by Rochelle L. Ford, Ph.D., APR, President of Dillard University, titled “The Future Landscape of Academic Diversity: Navigating the ‘New Normal’.” This engagement not only showcases Dillard’s commitment to engaging in important conversations but also emphasizes the cultivation of a future where leaders are dedicated to creating healthy, safe, and innovative communities.

To enhance the forum’s vibrancy, the Dillard University Female Ensemble and Dillard University Theater will deliver captivating performances, celebrating the university’s rich cultural heritage and passion for the arts. These performances highlight Dillard’s vibrant community spirit and underscore its support for talent and cultural expression.

Moreover, the forum underscores the importance of partnerships in enriching educational experiences. Dr. Ruth Simmons, a distinguished alumna of Dillard and former President of Brown University, strengthens the connection between these institutions. Her remarkable journey, chronicled in her 2023 New York Times Best-Selling Memoir, “Up Home: One Girl’s Journey,” exemplifies the shared dedication to excellence and progress upheld by both Dillard and Brown. 

Furthermore, the achievements of Dillard University’s 2023 alumni, Jared Ingram and Derrick Webb, who are currently advancing their education at Brown University, underscore the university’s positive influence on individuals and communities. Specifically, Jared is pursuing a Doctorate in Ecology, Evolutionary, and Organismal Biology, while Derrick is working towards a master’s degree in global public health.

Dillard University invites its academic partners and community to engage with the insights and performances at the 2024 Presidential Forum on Friday, April 19, 2024. Register Here for the The Leadership Alliance Presidential Forum 2024.

About Dillard University

Dillard University is a historically Black institution that cultivates leaders who live ethically, think and communicate precisely, and act courageously to make the world a better place. Located in New Orleans, Dillard is a private faith-based liberal arts university that offers 22 majors and two certificate programs. Ranked 5th on 2021 The New York Times Overall Mobility Index and 14th in 2022 by Academic Influence for Best Colleges and Universities by Academic Stewardship, Dillard’s call to future leaders is to Write Your Legacy. Find out more about Louisiana’s oldest HBCU by visiting

About The Leadership Alliance

Founded by Brown University in 1992, The Leadership Alliance is a consortium of thirty-seven leading research and teaching colleges, universities, and private industry dedicated to increasing the participation of underrepresented and underserved students in Ph.D. and M.D.-Ph.D. training programs. The Alliance has mentored over 6,000 undergraduates with more than 1000 of the summer program alumni, known as the Leadership Alliance Doctoral Scholars, earning advanced degrees.

The Leadership Alliance was founded on the principle that promoting and advancing underrepresented talent in research produces a more equitable research workforce and society. By catalyzing a culture of belonging, fostering mentorship, and acknowledging intersectionality, The Leadership Alliance is a change agent that promotes and contributes to the national discourse on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the research workforce.