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Dillard University’s Day of Giving: Alumni Staff and Community Engagement Lead the Way

Dillard University’s Day of Giving shone a spotlight on the crucial role of its dynamic phone banks and the significant contributions of alumni staff in driving the campaign’s success. These phone banks, brimming with activity, served as central hubs for interaction, where staff members, many of them proud alumni, led the charge in engaging with the community.

The volunteer team, comprising individuals from various departments such as the Office of the President, Alumni Relations, and the Development Team, brought vitality to the phone banks. Their role was crucial in forging connections with donors, demonstrating the impact of the university’s mission. Notably, alumni donors made up 72% of the campaign’s participation, showcasing the profound connection between the university and its past students.

Among the alumni staff, Elsie Coleman, Class of ’77, serving as Senior Post Award Administrator and Budget Analyst, and Amanda Winfield-Buford, Class of ’08, Director of Alumni Relations, stood out for their passion and dedication. They brought their unique Dillard experiences to each conversation, fostering a deeper sense of community and purpose. Coleman’s statement, “I give because I wouldn’t be where I am if it hadn’t been for Dillard University,” and Winfield-Buford’s call to action, “Let’s do what we know how to do – blue pride rising!” encapsulated the spirit of the day.

The campaign also underscored the importance of every donation, big or small. This message was reinforced through online interactions, with alumni such as Sheila Thomas RN, BSN, CRRN, CCM, Class of ‘90, proudly declaring, “Proud to be a Dillard University graduate.” Ronald Lee, Class of ’83, echoed this sentiment with “FAIR DILLARD, FOREVER!!” and J. Kayo Williams, Class of 2000 from Kayquarii Productions, reminisced about the lasting impact of their Dillard experience.

The Day of Giving at Dillard University stood as a striking testament to the strength and collective impact of the Dillard alumni family. This event highlighted how the unified efforts of this close-knit community can profoundly influence the educational experiences of current and prospective students, showcasing the enduring power and positive change fostered by their shared commitment.

Contributions can still be made at  Dillard University’s Giving Page for those who wish to continue their engagement and support of Dillard University beyond the Day of Giving. You can watch the entire show on Dillard University’s YouTube Channel.