Dennis Sigur
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Assistant Professor Dennis Sigur Selected as SAS HBCU+ Fellow

Dennis Sigur, assistant professor of Computer Science, was named an SAS HBCU+ Fellow, securing a prestigious opportunity to enhance his proficiency in SAS, a leading data analytics tool. Sigur’s integration of this knowledge is expected to significantly improve the quality of his courses, providing students with a competitive edge in the field of data analytics. “I can’t wait to integrate it into my courses and empower my students with these valuable skills,” Sigur said. 

The SAS HBCU+ Fellows Program is designed to support educators at historically Black colleges, universities, and predominantly Black institutions. This program aims to integrate analytical tools into their academic programs to better equip students with the necessary skills for their future careers. One of the four selected fellows, Sigur, will receive customized curriculum planning and technical guidance, allowing him to effectively integrate analytics into his teaching. Sigur will also have opportunities to network with technical experts and participate in quarterly training and professional development events designed to advance their analytics skills. The program is part of SAS® Academic Programs.