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Dillard University’s Center for Racial Justice Engages Audiences with “Live from the CRJ” Podcast

Since its inception on October 31st, Dillard University’s Center for Racial Justice has been making waves with its official podcast, “Live from the CRJ.” This insightful series, hosted by Tia Suggs, Project Coordinator, and Lawrence Weber, Jr., Project Assistant and proud Dillard Alumnus of the Class of 2009, offer in-depth discussions on racial justice, systemic changes in policing, and community engagement, all from the heart of New Orleans, LA.

“Live from the CRJ” is dedicated to informing listeners about the Center for Racial Justice’s events, presentations, and the multifaceted aspects of racial justice work. The podcast features a broad range of voices, including journalists, authors, activists, students, and those affected by systemic injustices, like Mr. Reginald Johnson, founder of Youthful Offenders to Reformed and Responsible Adults (YORRA), who shared his compelling story of wrongful imprisonment and the fight for exoneration in the most recent episode on February 2nd. 

The podcast serves as a vital resource for students, educators, and the local community, aligning with Dillard University’s mission to foster systemic change in how communities of color are policed and to promote inclusive partnerships with law enforcement. Through “Live from the CRJ,” Dillard University’s Center for Racial Justice aims to spark meaningful conversations, educate its audience on critical issues, and contribute to a more equitable society.

Listeners can expect engaging content that not only highlights the Center’s initiatives but also dives into current events, upcoming elections, new publications, and personal experiences from those who have been directly impacted by racial injustice. Each episode aims to inspire, inform, and invoke action among its audience, reinforcing the Center’s vision of a more accountable and inclusive society.

“Live from the CRJ” is available on major podcast platforms such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, and iHeart Radio

About Dillard University’s Center for Racial Justice:

Founded with the mission to bring systemic change to policing in communities of color, Dillard University’s Center for Racial Justice is a beacon for education, community relationship building, civic engagement, and advocacy in New Orleans, LA. The Center is committed to changing the narrative and impact of racial injustice through a comprehensive approach that includes lectures, research, advocacy training, and political participation.