Dillard University student at graduation holding diploma
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Dillard receives $2.5 million gift from anonymous donor

NEW ORLEANS — Dillard University has received a gift of $2.5 million from an anonymous donor. The donation will support the University’s SAFE (Student Aid for Financial Emergencies) Fund.  This is the second gift from the donor this year.  The first one provided $250,000 for the same purpose and has already assisted several students.

“This incredible support will assist many of our students to get to the finish line with their degrees in hand,” said Dillard’s president, Dr. Walter Kimbrough. “We are grateful for the support of the donor who has been so generous to Dillard.”

“This gift to the SAFE Fund will enable over 200 students to earn their Dillard degrees,” said Dr. Marc Barnes, Dillard’s vice president for the Division of Institutional Advancement. “Relieving their financial stress is one of our main goals and this gift goes a very long way in helping us help our students. We are immensely grateful to the donor for this amazing gift.”

Dillard is the top-ranked Historically Black College or University and ranked fifth nationally on The New York Times’ overall mobility index for selective colleges and universities. The ranking, according to The New York Times’ website, “reflects both access and outcomes, representing the likelihood that a student at Dillard moved up two or more income quintiles.”