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Dillard University Celebrates a Communiversity Day with Progressive Baptist Church and Grow D’at

On Saturday, March 2, 2024, Dillard University, in collaboration with Progressive Baptist Church and Grow D’at, celebrated a successful Communiversity Day with a garden box growing session. Led by Nick Harris, executive director of Community and Church Relations, and Dr. Samantha L. Gerlach, assistant professor of STEM Biology, the event brought together participants from Dr. Gerlach’s Ecology courses and LS-LAMP researchers for an engaging and hands-on experience.

During the session, attendees enthusiastically weeded and prepared garden boxes, before planting a variety of herbs and vegetables such as rosemary, spearmint, parsley, calendula, peppers, and tomatoes. These newly established garden boxes represent a commitment to promoting education and community involvement, with Dillard University’s service-oriented ethos driving efforts to enhance knowledge and activities related to nutritional and medicinal equity within the local community.

The event highlighted the importance of collaboration, sustainability, and community engagement in fostering a healthier and more connected environment. By coming together to cultivate these garden boxes, Dillard University and its partners have taken meaningful steps towards promoting Dillard as a leader in developing healthy, safe and innovative communities through its living, learning, and serving community.