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Dillard University Celebrates Students’ Achievement with ‘Funding the Future Physicians Scholarship’

January 24, 2024

Media Contact:
Marycruz Arias, Media Relations Manager

NEW ORLEANS, LA –  Dillard University, in its relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to community betterment, is honored to announce D’Nyla Dean ‘25 and Tyler J. Finley ‘24 as the esteemed recipients of the ‘Funding the Future Physicians Scholarship.’  This prestigious award, supported by Genentech and The 15 White Coats, symbolizes much more than academic excellence. It represents Dillard’s deep commitment to empowering a new generation of healthcare leaders who will shape a healthier, safer, and more innovative future.

At Dillard, the concept of a “communiversity” is not just a term; it’s a living, breathing ethos that sees students like Dean and Finley not only as scholars but as future change-makers. Their selection for this scholarship is a testament to the university’s dedication to cultivating leaders who will drive meaningful change. 

D’Nyla Dean, reflecting on her motivation, says, “My motivation for applying stemmed solely from the fact that they only wanted minorities.” Her words highlight a deep commitment to addressing the lack of diversity in medical care. Dean’s goals are shaped by the scholarship: “The FTTP scholarship has assisted in shaping my goals by directly focusing on diversity and learning how to provide treatment to minorities specifically.” Beyond her academic ambitions, Dean is determined to mentor future medical students, “Because of this challenge, as a future medical student, I have made it a personal goal to offer free mentorship to pre-med HBCU students.”

She also shares a lesson in dedication, “Your medical endeavors are only going to be based on dedication. You have to want it as bad as you need air to breathe,” and remembers advice from Dr. Kristie Caldwell, “When you make it to the top, extend the ladder back down to those to come.”

Tyler J. Finley emphasizes the role of mentorship at Dillard. He states, “Ms. Latricia Tillman, my  pre-health advisor, plays a pivotal role in my journey toward becoming a physician-scientist.” The scholarship for him means having the resources to succeed, “The Funding the Future Physicians scholarship ensures that I have the financial, academic, and mentoring resources necessary to craft competitive applications for medical school.” He adds, “Despite the challenges, this journey has been enriching,” demonstrating his growth and resilience.

Finley also values the supportive network at Dillard, “An untold aspect of the journey toward medical school is crafting a network of mentors and resourceful advisors that will provide you with the advice and tools that ensure your success and may even bless you with advantageous connections,” and acknowledges, “My advisors and mentors like Dr. Buckles, Ms. Tillman, and the entire Student Success department have helped strengthen my aspirations to be a physician-scientist.”

Dean’s and Finley’s achievements at Dillard University are inspiring examples of dedication, support, and opportunity converging to shape future leaders in healthcare. Their stories serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for future students aspiring to make a difference

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