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President Statement on the events in Israel and Gaza

End Hatred.

My heart pours out to Israel and the Jewish community here in America, who are experiencing the barbaric atrocities of Hamas terrorists and the fear and anxiety it produces, particularly because Jewish people are targets of hate.

End Antisemitism.

My heart pours out to Palestinians, who are, again, erroneously blamed for the terrorist acts by the Hamas extremists, who also oppress Palestians in Gaza, doing more harm to the struggle for freedom and autonomy.

End Prejudice.

My Black and Indigenous ancestors were oppressed people. Today, my family and I experience fear and hatred for being Black in America. When confronted with hurt and fear, it is easy and natural to give into the blind rage of hate. We resist harboring hatred.

Never condone terrorism or acts of violence toward others. Instead love humanity, value and respect the culture of all people.

Let peaceful progress prevail.

On behalf of Dillard University, our National Center for Black Jewish Relations, and my family, we ask that you stand together against terrorism, hate, antisemitism, racism, anti-arab sentiment and discrimination. Join us as we advocate for peace and progress.

Dr. Rochelle Ford, President
Dillard University

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