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Fall ’22 meeting features revealing wrinkle for Board of Trustees

Dillard University Board of Trustee member, Chelsea B. Robinson ’17, takes time out to discuss the campus with SGA vice president Tyler Finley ’24. Photo: Sabree Hill/Dillard University.

Photo story by Eddie Francis and Sabree Hill
November 21, 2022

On November 11, Dillard’s Board of Trustees met for their annual fall meeting. The University’s new president, Dr. Rochelle Ford, added a wrinkle to the meeting by taking the board members for a tour of the campus and engaging them in interactive exercises. “I don’t want this to be a dog and pony show,” said Ford the day of the meeting. The eighth president of Dillard wanted the board to see every aspect of the campus including areas that need to be addressed. To view the photo story in its entirety, CLICK HERE.

Dillard University Board of Trustees touring the campus
Vice president for facilities management and real estate planning, Marion Bracy, takes the Board of Trustees to Williams Hall, one of the facilities being being prioritized for improvements.

Dillard University Board of Trustees member Dr. Rose-Ann Blenman-Abange with students
Dillard’s newest board member and Dillard alumna, Dr. Rose-Ann Blenman-Abange ’00, shares a laugh with a group of students over lunch.

Dillard University Board of Trustees members take a photo outside of the College of Nursing
Trustees (l. to r.) Leith Hill, Chelsea B. Robinson ’17, Ronald Burns Sr. ’73 and Kim Boyle pause to take in the new mural that celebrates the legacy of Dillard’s nursing program.

Dillard University Board of Trustees member Kim Boyle gives a presentation during a brainstorming session
Trustee Kim Boyle presents ideas that her team created for the future of Dillard during a brainstorming session.

A computer screen during the Dillard University Board of Trustees brainstorming session
One of the challenges that President Rochelle Ford issued to the Board of Trustees was to “think big” about Dillard. In a session led by Dr. Nia Haydel, Complete College America’s vice president for alliance engagement and institutional transformation, the question placed before Dillard’s board was, “Who does Dillard want to be?”