Dillard Alumna Inspires at Founders' Day Convocation

Dillard Alumna Inspires at Founders’ Day Convocation

Dillard University was honored to welcome Jennifer Kopylov ’04 as the keynote speaker for the Founders’ Day Convocation. The event took place on Thursday, October 12, in the revered Lawless Memorial Chapel. Jennifer, a distinguished alumna and accomplished professional in the field of Consumer Retail Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in Investment Banking, delivered a powerful address that resonated with the entire audience.

As a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, Jennifer has made significant contributions to the world of finance. She joined the firm in 2009 as an associate and quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a partner in 2022. Jennifer currently leads the Consumer Retail M&A division and spearheads principal investing efforts within the Consumer Retail Group. Her influence extends beyond her professional achievements, as she is actively involved in diversity and inclusion initiatives at Goldman Sachs. She serves as the head of the Firmwide Americas Black Network and co-chair of the Investment Banking Council for the Advancement of Racial Equity.

Jennifer’s academic journey began at Dillard University, where she earned her B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science, graduating summa cum laude as the valedictorian. She went on to receive an M.B.A. in Finance from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where she was designated a Palmer Scholar.

During the Founders’ Day Convocation, Jennifer shared her personal journey – from her upbringing in Nigeria to her transformative years at Dillard University. She spoke about the invaluable lessons she learned along the way and emphasized the importance of the supportive network that Dillard provided.

Drawing from her own experiences, she encouraged the audience to reflect on their own choices and contributions, emphasizing that each step taken on the journey of life has significance.

The presence of Jennifer Kopylov as the keynote speaker at this year’s Founders’ Day Convocation was a true privilege for the Dillard University community. Her remarkable accomplishments and unwavering dedication to her field served as an inspiration to all in attendance. Through her address, she instilled a sense of unity, celebrated the diversity and achievements of our institution, and set the tone for the academic year ahead.

As Dillard University commemorated its 154 years of rich history during the Convocation, attendees were reminded of the extraordinary determination of our founders and the ongoing recognition of Dillard as a leader among higher education institutions. This event served as a milestone in our institution’s journey, reinforcing our commitment to excellence, diversity, and academic success.

The Founders’ Day Convocation continues to be a cherished tradition at Dillard University, and Jennifer’s impactful keynote address added a new level of meaning and inspiration to this important event. As we look towards the future with optimism, we remain grateful for the contributions of distinguished alumni like Jennifer Kopylov, who continue to shape our institution’s legacy and inspire generations to come.