The Soul of DU Family Weekend

The Soul of DU Family Weekend: A Student’s Perspective 

By: Anthony Dillon ‘27

The spirit of unity, pride, support, openness, transparency, and the soul of our vibrant city, New Orleans, were on full display during DU Family Weekend at Dillard University. As a student attending this event, I experienced different themes each day that left a lasting impression on me.

DU Unity and Support–The first day of DU Family Weekend was dedicated to unity and support. Campus tours allowed families to familiarize themselves with the campus while creating a sense of togetherness. The day culminated in a soul food dinner at Kearny, promoting a peaceful atmosphere. However, as the day approached, I couldn’t help but worry about my mother, who has Spina Bifida and struggles with walking long distances. I wondered how I would assist her in navigating the campus. 

The Dillard University Police Department (DUPD) officers provided incredible support to my mom, using their golf cart to transport her to various locations such as Kearny, Rosenwald, and her car parked on the side of Dent. Despite the additional effort required, DUPD displayed kindness and understanding. The officers even drove my mom to Rosenwald to meet my work-study supervisor. This experience made me immensely proud to be a part of Dillard University, where the campus police are not only committed to safety but also willing to go above and beyond to assist students and their families. It exemplified true DU unity, pride, and support.

DU Openness and Transparency– The second day of DU Family Weekend revolved around openness and transparency. Dr. Ford welcomed families and students into her residence, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. 

The Bleu Brunch Bash followed, providing an opportunity for delicious food and continued conversations about transparency. The Parents’ Council, faculty meet and greet sessions, and the Back to the Classroom Event titled “The Utility of What Makes You Happy: Psychology and Innovation in Business” showcased Dillard’s commitment to transparency in education. Deans Dr. Dorian Williams and Dr. Eartha Johnson, displayed their passion and expertise, allowing parents to get a glimpse into the minds behind the business and psychology departments. This event, filled with openness and transparency, became the highlight of the weekend for both me and my mom.

The Soul of our City, New Orleans– The final day of DU Family Weekend paid homage to the soul of our city, New Orleans. Events such as the Gentilly Fest and Jazz Brunch captured the essence of our rich culture. The Brass Band Brunch, in particular, celebrated one of New Orleans’ cultural pillars, showcasing the vibrant music that runs through the heart of our city. Being able to experience these events during DU Family Weekend deepened my pride in being a part of the DU family and living in New Orleans, a city renowned for its soulful spirit.

DU Family Weekend was a true reflection of the values that make Dillard University and New Orleans so special. From the genuine support of DUPD to the openness and transparency displayed by faculty and staff, and the celebration of our city’s rich culture, every aspect of the weekend contributed to the sense of unity, pride, and belonging that defines our institution. As a student, I am grateful to have experienced these unforgettable moments and to be a part of the DU community and the vibrant city of New Orleans.