Title III

Title III and Future Act programs remain major sources of support for Historically Black Colleges and Universities through part B of the Higher Education Act of 1965 as amended by the Higher Education Act of 1986 and 2019.  Dillard’s Title III and Future Act funds currently support a number of initiatives strategically important to supporting and advancing the institution. 

Dillard University Academics

These include recently developed inactivates like: a) BleuPrint-Signature Programs – that identify and support the creation of new or revised academic programs; b) Smart Technology Initiative-that provides training and access to advanced instructional technology for faculty and students, including virtual and hybrid learning technologies; c) New Millennial Nurse – supports advanced training and instructional technologies, as well as an advanced RN to BSN pathways initiative; d) Promoting Research Engagement-PRE, which provides support for newer faculty to advance their research competitiveness, publications, and other scholarly activities; and e) Pre-Law Program, which provides training and preparation for aspiring Law students, including mentoring, LSAT preparation and mock trial participation.

The full listing of current Title III and FUTURE Act activities, as well as the activity coordinators are listed below.

Title III and Future Act programs plays a vital role on Dillard’s Campus. They collectively support 13 activities on campus. They are as follows.

Title III Activities

  • Smart Technology Initiatives
    Activity Coordinator: Cedric Konyaloe
  • Student Housing Improvement Program- SHIP
    Activity Coordinator: Derrick Danna
  • Bleuprint Signature Programs
    Activity Coordinator: Yolanda Page, Ph.D.
  • New Millennial Nurse
    Activity Coordinator: Sharon Hutchison, Ph.D.
  • Enhancing Research and Development
    Activity Coordinator: Theodore Callier
  • Research and Engagement Initiative (REI)
    Activity Coordinators: Theodore Callier and Yolanda Page, Ph.D.
  • New Communication
    Activity Coordinator: Eddie Frances
  • Administration and Implementation
    Activity Coordinator: Nichele Harper O’Connor

FUTURE Act Activities

  • Enhancing Assessment and Analysis / Quality Enhancement Plan
    Activity Coordinator: Jacques Dietege
  • Sustaining Academic Technology
    Activity Coordinator: Yolanda Page, Ph.D.
  • Strengthening Critical Thinking and Clinical Reasoning through Simulation
    Activity Cordinator: Sharon Hutchison, Ph.D.
  • Retaining High Ability STEM and Healthcare Students
    Activity Coordinator: Ebony Turner, Ph.D.
  • Pre- Law Program
    Activity Coordinator: DeJonique Carter, Esq.