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Dillard has five institutional marks:  the primary mark (logo), the wordmark, the badge, the athletics logo also known as the spirit symbol, and the presidential seal.

A logo is any organization’s official mark. Think of a logo the way you think of your personal signature. Your signature officially represents your identity on important documents. Now, think of how you would react, or have reacted, when someone forged your signature. That is what a logo means to an organization. Dillard’s institutional logo is the University’s signature, the primary means of communicating our identity to the public. 

Note that the presidential seal may only be used with permission from the Office of the President or the Office of Communications and Marketing.

To maintain consistency across the most common formats in Dillard’s communications, standard sizes of the mark are to be used. Use a 2” wide wordmark on all U.S. letter-sized documents. Use a 2” wide mark on PowerPoint documents, onscreen applications and smaller format communications.

Minimum Size

The logos should never be reproduced smaller than 2”.

Exclusion Zone Around the Logo

The exclusion zone is designed to ensure that the logotype is not crowded by other elements. The diagram below shows the minimum clear space that should surround the mark, however, it is preferable to give as much clear space as possible. The boundaries of the exclusion zone are indicated by an X which is determined by the space between the crest and the text.


Consistency is the lifeblood of branding, therefore, maintaining the integrity of the University’s logo is important. Always use the logo in a clear, consistent and legible manner. Do not create your own custom logo, especially for social media. Again, think of the University’s logo the way you think of your personal signature. Most importantly, never stretch or distort any of the logos or word marks. Here are examples of common incorrect uses of the logo. 

Incorrect one color:

Incorrect shades of blue and green:

Incorrect orientation of the wordmark with the crest:

Incorrect use of the presidential seal.

Unapproved logo and incorrect use of the wordmark.

Please note that the Dillard athletics logo must always appear in its entirety or as a wordmark. The DU shield should NOT separated from the mark to be used as a single element.

Download athletics logo

Dillard University will be closed on Wednesday, June 19, in observance of Juneteenth and will reopen on Thursday, June 20, at 8 a.m.