Beautify Bleu: Building a Sustainable and Beautiful Future
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Beautify Bleu: Building a Sustainable and Beautiful Future

Dillard University recently embarked on a campus-wide clean-up initiative, uniting students, faculty, staff, and alumni in a collective effort to create a cleaner campus environment. 

The Dillard community gathered for the campus clean-up event, equipped with gloves and a determination to make a positive impact. Participants picked up litter and debris from the ground and planted flowers at the main entrance ensuring that Dillard’s campus beauty could be noticed from Gentilly Blvd. 

The effort showcased not only the Dillard community’s dedication to maintaining a clean and attractive environment but also served as a reminder of the collective responsibility we all share in preserving and protecting our natural surroundings. The clean-up initiative also highlighted the power of collaboration and unity. 

By working together, the Dillard community demonstrated their commitment to creating a sustainable future and leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

Let us continue to embrace our shared responsibility in maintaining a sustainable and beautiful campus, and let the positive impact of our actions inspire us to make lasting change in our local and global communities.