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Health Equity in the Spotlight: Healthy Blue’s Major Contribution to Dillard University


Dillard University Day of Giving was marked by a significant donation from Healthy Blue, amounting to $70,000, directed towards the Center for Minority Health & Health Equity. This contribution, represented by Dr. Christy Valentine Theard, Health Plan President, and Kathy Victorian, Market Manager, showcased the impact of corporate-community partnerships in advancing health equity initiatives.

Dr. Valentine Theard, speaking on behalf of Healthy Blue, highlighted the company’s commitment: “We are investing in people that will take care of us, our future leaders, the people who will be of service to our communities. As we’re being of service to our communities, Healthy Blue takes care of some of the most vulnerable individuals in our state and ensures that students and those who aspire to pursue their dreams have the funds available to do so. It is vitally important.”

Echoing the sentiment of community impact, Michelle R. Smith ‘98 Ph.D.,M.P.H., Director of the Minority Health and Health Equity Research Center and a proud Dillard graduate, detailed the center’s mission and the significance of external partner investments. “Established in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, our center takes a comprehensive approach to advancing research and collaboration to improve the health quality for racial and ethnic minorities,” she explained.

Dr. Smith also shed light on specific initiatives such as the Health Equity, Advocacy and Lactation Certified Professional Program (HEAL). “This program, the first lactation certification with a health equity focus offered by a university, aims to fill the gap in breastfeeding support for Black women. Your support enables us to provide scholarships for Dillard students to enroll in this innovative program.”

The contribution from Healthy Blue to Dillard University’s Day of Giving goes beyond financial assistance. It embodies a shared vision for a healthier future and underscores the importance of corporate partnerships in fostering transformative health equity initiatives. Through this collaboration, Healthy Blue, along with Dillard University’s Minority Health and Health Equity Research Center, is making significant strides in reducing health disparities in underrepresented and under-resourced communities. 

Contributions can still be made at Dillard University’s Giving Page for those who wish to continue their engagement and support to Dillard University beyond the Day of Giving. You can watch the full show on Dillard University’s YouTube Channel.