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After the student has been formally admitted and has received his/her Dillard user ID and password, he/she will complete and submit the online placement form in order to receive an official language placement for the level at which he/she must register in order to receive credit for the course.

This online placement form will ask questions related to the student’s language background, such as how many years of high school-level language he/she has had, in what grades he/she has studied the language, what his/her SAT II or AP language test score is, etc.

The languages coordinator/s will have access to the answers to this questionnaire and will make sure students are placed in the appropriate level/course. If there is any doubt, the coordinator will contact the student for further/more detailed information or an interview.

This form will also find out whether the student is a native or fluent speaker of a language other than English. Students who fall into this category and are admitted to Dillard from countries where English is not the first language or their primary language of instruction, will be exempt from the foreign language requirement.

In addition, the form will check whether the student is a heritage speaker of Spanish or French. Students who fall into this category must meet with the language coordinator to determine their placement in the program. Students entering Dillard University as transfer students may apply an approved foreign language course at the appropriate level from their previous institution to this requirement.

Students who fall into this category must meet with the language coordinator to determine their placement in the program.

If the student’s language background does not fall into one of the categories listed below, he/she must contact the language coordinator for assistance.

Entering freshmen that have had Spanish or French in high school are placed at the appropriate level by assessment of their high school records through the online placement form.

In the meantime, while the online placement form is being evaluated, in order to register, the student will use the guidelines below to determine his/her anticipated language placement. His/her actual placement may be different than such guidelines, depending upon his/her complete form information.

Language Background:                                                                                                         

• Beginner or 1 or 2 years HS-level language 121 

Placement Level:  3 years HS-level language 221 (if in grades 10, 11 and 12)  

• 4 years HS-level language 222 (if in grades 9 – 12)  

Placement Level: 5 or 6 years HS-level language, or 301 or 303 • SAT II Language Test score of 640 or above, or 301 or 303

• AP Language Test score of 4 or better, or 301 or 303

Placement Level: IB Higher Level Test 5 or higher 301 or 303


The study of foreign languages is an integral part of an undergraduate education, and knowledge of foreign languages is essential for having a broader perspective of our increasingly globalized world. All students must take at least two foreign language courses at Dillard University and demonstrate competency in that language at the 122-level (minimum).

NOTE: All courses completed in order to fulfill the foreign language requirement must be taken in the same language.

Successful completion of FSP 222 or FFR 222 or placement above the 222-level in one of those languages fulfills the foreign language requirement for graduation. All students must follow the sequence of courses of the catalog. Departmental placement can waive all prerequisites.

competency criterion may be achieved by:

• an Advanced Placement score of 4 or better, or

• an SAT II Language Test score of 640 or above, or

• a passing score on a Dillard-administered test,an IB Higher Level Test 5 or higher, or

• a passing grade in a language course at the 122-level or higher.

All students must receive placement in any language they attempt at Dillard in order to receive credit for a foreign language course level. The language requirement cannot overlap to satisfy the humanities requirement.

Some programs require two additional semesters of foreign language beyond the university’s core requirement. Refer to the individual program requirements for more information.

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