CIP Codes

Codes for CIP as required by SACS COC

Here are a list of codes for each program and their status. If you have any questions please contact Institutional Advancement for more details.

Program Title CIP Code Status
Accounting 52.0301 Active
Biology 26.0101 Active
Business Administration 52.0201 Active
Chemistry 40.0501 Active
Computer Science 11.0101 Active
Criminal Justice 43.0104 Active
Economics and Finance 52.0601 Active
English 23.0101 Active
Film 50.0601 Active
Health Sciences 51.2299 Active
Marketing 52.1401 Active
Mass Communication 09.0102 Active
Music 50.0901 Active
Nursing 51.3801 Active
Physics 40.0801 Active
Political Science 45.1001 Active
Psychology 42.0101 Active
Public Health 51.2201
Social Work 44.0701 Active
Theatre Arts 50.0501 Active
Urban Studies & Public Policy 45.1201 Active
Visual Arts 50.0701 Active
Mathematics and Actuarial Science 27.0101 Active
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