Dillard University Alma Mater - Fair Dillard

by William Stuart Nelson and Frederick Douglass Hall

Fair Dillard
Gleaming white and spacious green,
We love thy every blade and tree;
We love thy breath less days, thy nights serene,
Thy halls where men are men and free.
Arise, O sons and daughters, hail thy queen,
And pledge for aye thy loyalty.

Fair Dillard
Flaming love and learning’s light
Teach us each day, each passing hour
A deep’ning love for beauty, truth, and right
Source of all nobleness and pow’r
And through the joyous day, the dreaded night,
Forever guide, Alma Mater!
Forever guide, Alma Mater!

Dillard University Lawless Chapel


  • Please stand, if able
  • Remove hats
  • No talking
  • No chewing gum, eating or drinking
  • Hold and lift your neighbors’ hands for the last stanza