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Dillard University and Disney Cultivate Next-Generation Media Leaders with “Behind the Screens” Educational Series

Dillard University, in partnership with Disney’s Network Operations, is proud to announce its participation in the fifth consecutive semester of the esteemed “Behind the Screens” series. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Dillard’s mission to serve as a “communiversity,” dedicated to cultivating leaders who are prepared to advance health, safety, and innovation across various sectors.

Initiated by Disney Program Operations, the “Behind the Screens” series aims to broaden the horizons of diversity and inclusion within the media landscape. It is specifically designed to expose students to the intricate workings of the television, media, and entertainment industries. Through this program, students meticulously chosen by their professors for their outstanding potential are afforded the rare opportunity to interact directly with seasoned Disney professionals. These interactions span a diverse range of disciplines, offering students a wealth of knowledge and an immersive glimpse into possible future careers.

The series is meticulously planned to offer an intimate learning environment for 25 students from Dillard University, ensuring personalized interaction with industry leaders. The program comprises five virtual panels that provide a comprehensive exploration of the entertainment industry’s multifaceted nature. This comprehensive approach aims to prepare students with a deep understanding of various facets of media and entertainment, from creative conception to global distribution, culminating in a networking event on March 8th. This comprehensive approach aims to arm students with a deep understanding of various facets of media and entertainment, from creative conception to global distribution, culminating in a networking event on March 8th. Here, students will not only connect with their peers but also receive invaluable career advice from industry veterans.

Dillard University and Disney’s collaboration on the “Behind the Screens” series is a testament to their shared vision of fostering a more diverse, inclusive, and well-prepared workforce in the entertainment industry. By providing students with direct access to industry professionals and insights into career opportunities that lie “behind the screens,” this partnership not only enriches the academic experience but also contributes significantly to shaping the future leaders of media and entertainment.

“The Center for Career and Professional Development is always looking for innovative ways to collaborate with our dynamic faculty to support the skills they teach in the classroom. We like to take diverse approaches to aid in moving students forward to be successful in their life after Dillard. Through partnership with faculty members in our Department of Mass Communication, Dr. Shaniece Bickham and Professional in Residence Bernel Davis, we were able to utilize programs such as this to accomplish that,” stated Dwanna Toney, MS, CSAEd, and Director, Center for Career and Professional Development at Dillard University.

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About Disney’s Network Operations:

Part of Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, Disney’s Network Operations oversees the technical and operational aspects of content distribution. Through initiatives like “Behind the Screens,” Disney reinforces its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and educational advancement in the media and entertainment industry.