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University makes move to create one-stop shop for student accounts

Financial aid and scholarships director, Denise Spellman, counsels a student. Photo: Sabree Hill/Dillard University.

Staff Report
September 19, 2022

President Rochelle L. Ford has announced, effective today, that the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships has moved to the Division of Business and Finance. The move is designed to provide students with streamlined services to more efficiently manage their accounts. The move is also designed to help students identify external funding sources as well as gain a clear understanding of how to apply for institutional and federal financial aid and scholarships.

“The goal (of this move) is to help our students have a more streamlined experience when understanding their University tuition and fees bill, federal and institutional financial aid, financing options, and external scholarship support,” said Ford, president of Dillard.

With the move, both financial aid and scholarships and student accounts will fall under the leadership of Dillard’s vice president for business and finance and chief financial officer, Ralph Johnson.

The one-stop shop aims to be operational and open for business by March 2023.