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Waterway Alliance for
Training of Environmental Reserach

New Orleans presents an excellent testbed in which to devise comprehensive research and education programs, as well as, effective policy that promote the sustainability, resiliency, and biodiversity of urban ecosystems.


Waterway Alliance for Training and Environmental Research

Avenue of the Oaks

One of the most picturesque campuses in the US, Dillard University's Avenue of the Oaks holds special events such as Commencement.

Mission Statement

The Interdisciplinary Urban Environmental Studies Targeted Infusion Project (IUES-TIP), with its origins in the Biology Department at Dillard University, is designed to foster a cadre of well-trained undergraduates in the use of multiple frames of reference to explore linkages between natural and human systems, and the human behaviors that drive environmental and natural resource changes.


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More than 50% of the US population lives within an urban center and within 150 kilometers of coastal waters. The numbers are expected to rise sharply by 2030 to approximately two-thirds.


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